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In 350 words or less let us know why you will be an asset to LEJ; be free, be liberated in your communication. we want to hear your heartfelt, passionate view about one of these areas of specialization: critical theory, art, music, literature, photography.

LEJ takes a New Journalism approach to content. Read CW Anderson's essay for more detail about the style we are looking for. In addition to your perspective editor 350 word essay, if you want to send links to your work or relevant interviews featuring you feel free to do so. However, the initial essay is our introduction to your editorial perspective so craft with love. 

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Calls For Submission Vol.I Sex Positivity

Sexual Trauma is linked to PTSD and many other disruptive life conditions. People encounter it and deal with it in a multitude of ways. We are looking for deeply thought out personally transformative experiences that involve sexual trauma centrally or peripherally. 

Whether a childhood event or an adult experience grounds the libidinal narrative of the essay, the text should confront old beliefs, values and culturally accepted ways of talking about, dealing with, (and not dealing with) the subject of violence and violation.  Contexts of libidinal fields of being include but are not limited to: social, institutional, familial and personal.

This call for sexual trauma essays is inclusive of fiction as well as non-fiction; a dramatic structure, an academic treatise, new journalism, and hybrid literary modes including *cybertext will be considered.

Essay length: 250-2500 words, and *indeterminate digital experiences, such as hypermedia, that facilitate discourse about the topic of sexual trauma

Some prompts:

Michel Foucault; History of Sexuality, Vol. I, Peter Levine; Waking the Tiger, Maya Angelou; I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Powers of Desire: The Politics of Sexuality; Snitow, Ann, et al. 

“A Body we know is designed to die will never be a simple plaything.” - Jane Rule

What does sexual freedom look like to you?  Why do you want to be sexually free? If you already have a sex-positive life how did you obtain it or maintain it?

Submit a well thought out autobiographical or purely fictional take on what sex-positive means to you. Take into consideration philosophical, socio-political, and creative concerns. 

200-2000 words

prompts: 10 Things Sex Positivity is Not

The History of Sexuality; Vol. I, Part II The Repressive Hypothesis, Michel Foucault

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